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Character abilities in Reunion come from Knacks - short statements about your character's capabilities. At game start you will have 8 of these; 2 from your backgrounds, 3 from the Mental or Physical lists and 3 from the Insider or Outsider lists.

Knacks are permissions - if someone has a knack they can just straight-up do the thing unless directly opposed by similarly potent capabilities. If you don’t have a knack, you can still do the thing but the GM is free to give you a cost (you can do it if you use up this/you can do it but it’ll do this back to you) or a compromise (you can’t do that but you can do this).

If a knack gives you an ability that can be used once per session, you may use it in downtime if you don't use it during a week's session.

Physical - your speed, your strength, your stamina

  • I can punch through bricks.
  • I can draw a gun quickly and aim perfectly.
  • I can lift tremendous weights.
  • I barely feel the effects of drugs, illness or exhaustion.
  • I’m double-jointed and can contort through tight gaps.
  • I can scale walls and leap large gaps.
  • I have extensive self-defence or martial art training.
  • I only make as much noise as I want to when moving or hiding.

Mental - your knowledge, skills and smarts

  • I can improvise first aid in the field and given time and resources can nurse people back to health.
  • I have in-depth knowledge of…
    • Cutting-edge science.
    • Pop culture and celebrities.
    • History and folklore.
  • I have an innate sense of direction and intuitively know the layout of any area I travel through.
  • I speak dozens of languages, and am able to pick up more with only a few day’s exposure.
  • I’m quick-thinking and can react faster than pretty much anybody else.
  • I can take apart, understand and put back together most simple machines and electronics.

Insider - privilege, wealth and power

  • I can get a meeting with whoever’s in charge.
  • I can easily find out who pulls the strings of any authority figure.
  • I’m a a taste-maker and trendsetter, as welcome on the red carpet, as I am in an artists' commune.
  • I have a crew of workers and assistants I can delegate minor tasks to.
  • I’m famous - maybe a leading politician, a rock star, or an athlete.
  • I’ve been initiated into a secret society, and can use their connections and resources at a price.
  • I can usually command respect by invoking my profession.
  • I'm a master of logistics and can make sure a plan comes together.

Outsider - street smarts, hard life experiences, criminal enterprise

  • I can pick locks and crack safes.
  • I can make computers do what I want, even if other people would prefer it I didn't.
  • In any new city I can find a friendly contact among the destitute.
  • I can blend into a crowd.
  • I know the hidden paths to travel through cities without being seen.
  • I can make anyone sympathetic to me with a few hard luck stories .
  • I can spin a story that’ll keep anyone’s attention so long as I keep talking.
  • I live off the grid, and can’t be found on any official database.
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