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Our Staff

Here at the Four Aces Motel, we pride ourselves on the excellence of our staff. These individuals will do everything they can to make your stay memorable!


Played by Matthew.

Our receptionist Norma is always happy to help with any questions you may have about your stay or those little problems which crop up and get in the way. She can normally be found in the lobby; if she's not there just give the bell a ring.

Norma is the receptionist at the motel and as far as you can tell is responsible for its day to day running. This seems to be done with a ruthless efficiency despite the fact that she has yet to be observed actually doing any work. A kindly woman, she seems to spend most of her day sitting by the pool engaging those passing through in conversation or reading from a plane book perpetually sticking out of her pocket.

Cassie Priamian

Played by Ellie.

Cassie Priamian is the chef at the diner and has many years experience of cooking up breakfasts, lunches and dinners for our guests. Cassie is always happy to hear your suggestions for new dishes, up for any challenge! Come and say hello.

Cassie is the chef of the diner, dishing up the orders for the motels guests. She's clearly seen a lot and has a rather sardonic attitude to life. Despite that she likes chatting to the patrons, offering up her opinions and is often found in quiet moments playing patience.

She also cooks a mean breakfast.

Sophie Young

Played by Liz.

Sophie is the first face you'll see when you walk into the diner - good thing she's always smiling! She'll keep you topped up with coffee, take your orders, and even deliver your food to your room if you ask nice. If your stay is proving a little boring, she's sure to have ideas of places to go and people to meet.

Sophie's the diner's head (seemingly only) waitress, although she spends more time listening to the radio and chewing gum than ferrying dishes. She's young, bubbly and enthusiastic to hear exciting tales of the rest of the world.

Wendell Boyd

Played by James I.

Wendell Boyd is the motel's handyman and janitor and can often be found up to his elbows in an engine or air con. If something in the motel isn't up to scratch Wendell will do what he can to make your stay as perfect as possible!

Wendell is always busy with something or another around the motel, whistling tunelessly along to the music in his headphones. It looks like he loves his job, and he seems to take great pleasure in fixing anything people bring to him, motel-owned or no.

Local Businesses

Don Joe

Played by James G.

If your ride has been playing up on the road, why not drop it in to Don Joe's Gas and Auto Repairs? No matter how big the problem, Don'll have you back on the road in time for the end of your stay with us. Got something else that needs fixing? Why not pop round - Don's always happy to have a go, and what's the worst that could happen?

Don Joe runs the gas station adjacent to the motel. He often pops in to the communal areas when he's not working on something. His shop contains quite an array of tools and spare parts, half finished electronics repairs, and everything you would expect to see in the domain of a jobbing mechanic - and he looks like he knows his stuff.



Played by Peter.

Well Frodo has been with us for just so gosh-darn long that it doesn't seem right not to give him a place on this page. He really feels like one of the family, so if you see him in the diner, or relaxing out by the pool why not wander on over and strike up a conversation, he's always happy to listen, to chat, or to tell you one of his famous tall stories.

Frodo is the tie-dye wearing hippy permanent guest in Room 4 (what, doesn't every motel have one?). He spends most of his day in the diner, or chatting over an engine block with Don Joe in the shop. If you ask he'll be more than happy to chat about 'the old days', or give some friendly advice over a game of dominoes.

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