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The World

The world of Reunion is for the most part exactly the same as ours, if you don't look too closely into the shadows. The time is now; the same leaders are in charge, the same corporations dominate the markets, and the same celebrities populate the tabloids. Don't assume the facts of the real world always hold true, though - secret histories, cover-ups, and obscure cults can hide a great deal of divergent oddness if they have a mind to.

Characters can be from anywhere in the world; travel to and from session won't be an issue, although you should think up a reason why your character speaks English. If something about playing a character from a particular country or region excites you, let us know and we'll try to incorporate it into the game!


The streets have secret names and will answer to their call.

There is a karaoke bar in Kagoshima City (Kagoshima Prefecture) where you can sing duets with the dead. I heard there's a bar in Nairobi where you can dance with them.

A landscape of archaeal
And bacterial species
Living under extreme
Environmental conditions

When twins are born, only the first to take a breath gets a soul. Both twin's afterlife is thus determined by the actions of the ensouled one, allowing the other twin to commit whatever depravities they like unblemished by sin.

A certain major online retail company (you know the one) will home deliver body parts so long as you pay prime rates. Everyone knows that. What I can't find out is where they are sourcing them from.

.retteb neve si gnitirw rorriM .ti dear t'nac yehT ,tnorf-ot-kcab etirw uoy sa gnol oS

Nobody can actually finger-whistle. Nobody human, at least. Of course Hollywood is in their pocket, so it makes sense the liberal media would help them hide among us.

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