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Character Creation


  • Pick two Backgrounds and fill in the details.
  • Pick six Knacks- three Physical and Mental ones and three Insider or Outsider ones.
  • Tell us what Burning Question your character is seeking an answer to.
  • Tell us up to three secrets about yourself.
  • Write a short bio for your character detailing what people will have found out about you at the initial meeting.

Character Concept

Reunion has a very broad scope for characters - they can from any country, any social background, have any profession. A homeless busker from Brighton is just as likely as a Russian oligarch to be brought to the motel - we only ask that you think up some reason why your character speaks English! If you need inspiration, check out our sample characters or the inspirational media on the tone and themes page.


Each character in Reunion is special in some way, marked and strengthened by the events of their past. They might have happened in your childhood or very recently, but these backgrounds define your character's life at the start of the game.

Each character has two backgrounds, picked from the list on the background page. Each one will give you particular things to tell us about the events of your past, an ability you can draw on in play, and questions for your character to pursue over the course of the game.


In Reunion, your character's capabilities are determined by the knacks they have access to. These simple statements serve to inform you and others of what your character is capable of - if a knack says you can do it, you can always do it. Characters pick 6 knacks from the general list: 3 Mental or Physical ones, and 3 Insider or Outsider ones.

Character Motivations

Pulling your character concept and backgrounds together, give us an idea of your character's key motivation at the start of the game: the Burning Question they'll be pursuing above all else.

You can also give us up to 3 secrets - moments of weakness, shame or excess that your character wouldn't want anyone to find out about.

The Past Fortnight

How have you reacted to your first trip to the motel? Have you tried to put it behind you? Investigate what happened? Contact the authority? Let us know, and before the game starts we'll tell you how it went.

Other Details

Here are a few more things to detail if your backgrounds haven't covered them:

  • Age: How old are you?
  • Country: Where do you live?
  • Close Family: Do you have any dependants, a spouse, or other close relatives?
  • Social status: do you have a job? If so, what is it? If not, do you have other means of supporting yourself?

Send It In!

Send the completed character to

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