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February 17th 2016

During the session the Desert Waves Radio Station put out the following broadcast:


An extract from the keynote speech at a startup conference taking place in the Bay area.

… and I think everyone in this room knows exactly how much the outages cost their company, but the whole country? Five minutes, thirty seven seconds. Out there in the world, people will say “oh, you can just get a coffee” or “well, that's one less music video, whatever” but in here we know that's three hundred and thirty seven seconds where the engine that drives everything about our world that matters grinds to a halt.

337 seconds where you can't get hits. 337 seconds where you can't leave an impression. 337 seconds where your contractors can't do any business, where no money changes hands, where most phones are just fancy bricks. I had some friends - you know the type, know their way around PCs, but don't really get what it's like to be innovating, disrupting at the bleeding edge, they chatted to me on Monday and set “Clara - I mean this is it for you, right? If people don't trust that they can connect to your App, then you don't have a business”. And I'll admit - Sunday night, I was having a weak moment - we're kicking off financing for our phase three, and I was thinking “what if all the VCs get spooked”.

Well as I'm aware you're all aware, that isn't what's happened. I think this is a tipping point - not a tipping point of people losing faith in us, but the one where people realise they can't live without us. I've had offers flooding in - big corporate players who've never invested in a startup before are trying to diversify, the VCs are queuing up to join what the tech press is already calling “2016 Unicorn Hunting Season”, and the phone's barely stopped ringing. I was in a meeting with two potential investors yesterday, and when I heard one of them say they were looking to put together a consortium to declare and pay for universal network access a a global public good, well I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven.

I know you're all feeling the performance pinch this week - I don't think I've spoken to anyone who hasn't got a few horror stories, but I'm convinced that we're standing on the precipice of a golden age of computing, and the right people are moving to make sure that becomes a reality.“

Jaw-Jaw or War-War?

BBC News 24

“In an update on the American/Sov -, I mean Russian, tensions in recent weeks, the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon has warned that after a brief lull in recent weeks, both sides appear to have restarted their military preparations and that this represents a dangerous slide back to the path towards conflict over Iran. President Rea-, I mean Obama, has denounced perceived Russian aggression towards its partner and declared that the United States and NATO stand ready to defend its partners.

However, diplomatic talks aimed at resolving the crisis are ongoing in Geneva, with over thirty World Leaders attending over the last six days of talks. The mood there is optimistic that a deal can be reached. We turn now to the BBC Security Correspondent, Frank Gardener, for more analysis”

”Well Jane, we appear to be on a knife-edge. On the one hand tensions just keep on rising. I have been speaking to security experts around the world and the phrase I keep on hearing is that they haven’t seen anything this serious since the Cuban Missile Crisis. On the other hand the people actually talking to one another in Geneva remain genuinely optimistic, and this doesn’t seem to be the standard diplomacy-speak. So far as I can see, with the slightest perturbation in one direction and we could see ourselves sliding into WWIII, and the slightest perturbation in the other direction and we could see an unprecedented level of international cooperation. Which way will we go, only time will tell.”

Harmonic Convergence

From the Webzine Astrology Today

“And we can all feel the several layers of reality coming into the great Harmonic Convergence! It is in the water, and the air and the aether. The world is coming to the point of a needle, held, as it is, in the embrace of Jupiter Ascending, and Mars Victorious. All the signs point to a great change - I think we are really going to see something new and exciting happening, time for Aries to go to work, for Pices to go to bed (oh you know what I mean *wink wink*), and for Leo to wake up!

Now, you might be hearing some people raving and ranting about Gemini and the quantum superimposition of Twin-Worlds into one great big cosmic whole. You can feel free to ignore those cranks and fakes - the very idea that there is ‘another’ world just a cigarette paper’s thickness from us is pure nonsense. The spirit-world, yes, but another world? Nothing but bunkum.”

Great is Their Woe

A message widely spread on news and radio networks

Anders is dead. Weep.
His soul is fled. Woe.
His memory we’ll keep.

The Prophet is no more.
His sacrifice not in vain.
The Red Man in half he tore.

Three times proclaimed.
Three times be told.
Anders Iverson is dead; let none be blamed.

Missing persons

Police are enquiring today after the disappearance of three postgraduate students from UCL. No word has been heard of from them for the past four days and the families have appealed for any information on their whereabouts and for them to get in contact if they can. It is thought that the trio had been working on an international mystery that has been sweeping the world recently. It is not known who the originators of the puzzle are but forums have been set up dedicated to decoding the elements thus far uncovered. It is thought that the puzzle has been solved but this hasn't stopped more people trying their hand at it. Similar puzzles have been used as recruitment tools in the past from GCHQ and MI5 although neither group is currently claiming credit for the current iteration.

Police Hunt Continues

From Le Monde

Police are asking for any information on a group of criminals who infiltrated the ARF reactor facility in Southern France and stole a number of sensitive documents and pieces of unique equipment. Officials are wondering whether the gang (disguised as scientists) may have had inside help but assure the public that the reactor its self is fine and will be operational according to the original timetable.

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