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Welcome to the official portal to access the C-14 Worldweb. Before you proceed we ask that create an account to facilitate peaceful and productive access. Please enter your details in the following fields1) :

* Items marked with asterisk are mandatory, though some can be marked as “None.”

First Name*
Last Name*
Gender Self-Identity*
Sexual Orientation*
Partner(s) Name(s)*
Parent Names*
Sibling Names*
Child Names*
Home Address*
Email/Mindlink/ColtonNet Address*
Political Views*
Political Party Membership*
Voting Record*

By entering your details and creating an account you are agreeing to the following:

  • Your access to and use of Worldweb materials will be logged and stored for a period of not less than ten years.
  • Access to the Worldweb may be terminated at any time by a designated representative of the Agency.
  • An application will be installed on your machine/mind-router to monitor all Earth C-12 activity.
  • You will be bound by the relevant Terms & Conditions (volumes I-III).
1) Please note that it is a criminal offence to provide incorrect information in this form in every country granted access to this portal and individuals can be imprisoned for up to thirty years for doing so (criminal charge will vary by country and individuals are urged firstly to be honest, but secondly to contact their local police force for more information.)
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