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Desert Waves: November 26th, 2015

Good morning listeners. The As ever this is Lemuel Huppe at Desert Waves. Today we’re going to continue our little musical journey together. Starting at L, I will be playing songs that I think represent each of you and that will hopefully Red give you something to think about. How did I do last time? I hope my music choices touched you in some way. We’ve got a lot to get through, not only do the rest of the guests need their Man songs played but the staff too, so this show is going to be packed! But…we won’t be able to get on with anything with the signal this poor. Feels like some other broadcast is trying to push in… Cometh Hold on a few moments listeners, I’m just going to wiggle a few wires about and see if we can’t get this fixed. There we go, looks like it’s cleared up. Let’s get straight to the music!

music break Leonard Cohen: Nevermind, Radiohead: We Suck Young Blood

You know I might need to make a new jingle soon listeners since this is becoming a regular part of my show! You’ve all heard Castor’s wonderful poetry by now. This one is untitled, and it looks like he’s gone back to using his traditional canvas.

Some say the world will end on time,
And some say late.
I find such rumours rather crass
(They lack in class)
But, nonetheless, appreciate
That some would view it as a crime -
Apocalypses running late -
Whilst some would see it come to pass
And smother all their fears in rhyme.

Thank you for your poem Castor, and your kind words. I also hope you’ll be able to visit some time. I’m sure we’d have a lot to talk about, and the desert offers a lot of solace to those who look for it in the right places. Troubled minds can find rest soaking in the clear, blue waters of a pristine oasis, there’s nothing like it to bring some perspective to life.

music break Gary Numan: I Am Dust, Frank Sinatra: Me and my Shadow

I have been having very strange and…disturbing dreams recently listeners. In these dreams I am standing in an empty room with no windows or exits, others than a single door that has been left open, letting in the cold wind that carries a thick ash. Outside it is pitch black, and I am terrified because I know that just beyond the threshold is someone…something that wants to come in. I’m standing there, frozen in place, and unable to look away, when I start to hear footsteps, coming from the darkness, getting louder. I can feel my heart hammering as the being gets closer and closer, and eventually the footsteps come to a stop, just on the other side of the door, and now I can hear it breathing. Long ragged, laboured breaths. “You can’t come in without an invitation beast” I yell, and the room suddenly fills with the most…disturbing laughter you can ever imagine and it starts coming through the doorway! One hand in a red glove, then another, grabs the door frame on either side. The laughter gets louder and is joined by cries of anguish and fear, which I realise are coming from my own mouth, because I know he’s about to pull himself through the door and bring an end to everything! The wind picks up and there is an…explosion of ash through the doorway. Then I wake up…

The whole thing reminds me of a quote I once read in a very old book:

“Do not call up any which you cannot put down; by which I mean any that can call up something against you where even your most powerful devices may not be of use.”

It seems…pertinent now.

ad break “The most historic city in Belgium. The best beer in Europe. The finest chocolate in the world. You've heard three reasons: now, visit Brussels today. This advert sponsored by the Belgium Tourism Board”

music break The La’s: Looking Glass, Jonathan Coulton: That Spells DNA

Listeners, this is a time of great change and stress for the world, the universe. We are in the midst of events that could change the fabric of reality forever. At times like these you need to think about, spiritual defenses, ways you can keep your soul safe from the oncoming storm. I’d like to offer some advice, if I may. First off is an easy one, I’m sure you’re all doing it. Meditation. You should be meditating every day, constructing a spiritual wall around your essence in order to stop unwanted intrusions. Then you want to think about defending your physical body from spiritual attack. Carrying around charms is a good way to do this, a cross of mountain ash, strung on a length of prayer beads made from the red berries is a traditional protective amulet that can be carried on your person. Make sure you string it on red cotton to get that extra oomph. At home you should have a jar of black salt in every room. This is easily made from mixing rock salt with charcoal, black pepper, and ash from protective herbs. A quick way to banish a curse or the ‘evil eye’ is to make the ‘sign of the horns’ at the person who sent it your way, but you need to be quick on that one. That should help you for now, if you need any more suggestions feel free to get in touch and I will do my best to help.

music break Green Day: Good Riddance (Time of your Life), Bonnie Tyler: Holding out for a Hero

I must admit there has been a feeling of uneasiness hanging over the town recently. Ever since we saw one of the grey cats emerged from the caves, never a good sign, we’ve all been transcendentally aware that something terrible is about to happen. It brought with it a never ending cry, ringing in the air day and night. The cat has been living in the town the last few days, putting us all on edge. Only when it returns to its underground home will we know that we no longer have to worry. I’ve been trying to keep people upbeat, there are other forces at work in this universe. Yes we are all sensing doom in the near future but there is hope there too. There are people working for the greater good, for healing rather than destruction, even though it seems like the rest of the universe is working against them. All I can say is please, please don’t lose faith, hold on to every scrap you have.

music break Blackalicious: Chemical Calisthenics, Nina Simone: Ain’t Got No (I Got Life)

Someone has written in with a shout out to their mom, Janet McDonald. Hey there Janet seems like you haven’t seen each other in a long time, so I bet you’re missing your kid greatly. Here’s a song for you Janet, I hope you’re hearing it, wherever you are.

song for Janet McDonald Paul Simon: Mother and Child Reunion

Sophie I hope you’re listening carefully because I’m going to play songs for you and your co-workers next! I won’t play them in any particular order, I want you to have some fun trying to figure them out.

music break Alphaville: Forever Young, Peter, Paul & Mary: If I had a Hammer, Emmy the Great: Cassandra

We should all appreciate the hard work that goes into keeping the Four Aces running. Over the course of our conversations I’ve learnt that people are not always understanding about the situation. Some of them seem determined to fight against their destiny it seems. That is one reason I chose to play all these songs. To remind people that they are all in it together and that they each have something unique to offer. I want to foster collaboration, like here in my little town. We are a small community working together to reveal the mysteries of the universe.

news break CHVRCHES: The Mother We Share, Johnny Rivers: Secret Agent Man, Fleetwood Mac: Rhiannon

The last song I’m playing today came to me in a vision, an audio vision, if you can have such things. I was sitting out by the Red Rock, a place of complete stillness, thinking about my bad dreams. As I sat I felt all my worries melt away and heard this song drift towards me on the breeze. They are not dead, only waiting to be born. Amen.

music break Coldplay: Viva La Vida

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