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Playing the Game


Sessions will be held on alternate Wednesday evenings at the Mitre. Doors will open at 19:00 for a 19:30 session start.

There will be a charge of £2 per player per session to cover room hire and props. This will be waived for current undergraduates.

Session locale - Motel Public Areas

During session, the majority of the room (the two central and the upper areas of the Mitre Room) will be representing the Motel diner and the open area of the motel adjacent to the pool. It is assumed that you can see and hear everything that is going on in these locations as long as you are in them yourself.

If you wish to attempt anything unusual or violent in The Motel, please find a GM first and explain what you are intending to achieve.

Session locale - The Rest of the Motel

During sessions, it is expected that players will have reasons to travel to other parts of the Motel. It is likely that in a lot of cases this will be in the company of one of the NPCs, and if an NPC is escorting you, the GM playing that NPC will assist in narrating or adjudicating what goes on. If you wish to travel elsewhere in the motel without an NPC, please find a GM first. Please take a look at the motel page for what other parts of the Motel exist. Players travelling to other parts of the motel will either be taken to the lower part of the Mitre room, or the corridors outside the room. For reasons of GM availability, only one group will be able to travel to the rest of the motel at any one time.

Session Locale - Other Places

Opportunities will exist for players to travel to other places. These trips will be available for a maximum of five players at any one time, and each player will be able to attend a maximum of one of these per session. These limits will be enforced by an in-character mechanism, but out of character these limits will not be pro-actively circumventable by player action. Please make sure you have a note of what knacks you have before embarking on a trip elsewhere, and make sure to notify the GM running the trip of any special items or cool powers you are bringing along.

Turnsheeting and Downtime

Primary Action

Initially, there will be two in-setting weeks of downtime between each session (this may be change as the events of the game proceed). During each downtime, you can submit a description of a single coherent goal your character is trying to achieve using their knacks, a description of how they're going about it, and information about any assets or factors that you feel should contribute to it. How successful your character is will depend on the scale of what they're trying to achieve, and how useful their knacks and assets are. You will receive a write-up of what happens to your character prior to the next session.

Secondary Action

You have a second action each week, which can be used for one of two things:

  • Support another player's primary action. This allows you to get involved in group plans without using up your primary action. You can contribute to the plan with your knacks and any assets you have.
  • Carry out an action that does not require coordination with any other player characters. This should be a short, focussed action your character can achieve on their own. Responses to this will likely be no more than a paragraph.

Minor Actions

In addition to your main action, you can submit any number of short notes about other minor things your character is doing. These will not necessarily receive a written response, and should not be aimed at achieving any major goals. They can include notes required to facilitate other characters activities (such as handing an item in your possession over), but if you are trying to contribute to another character's goal in a meaningful way that requires effort from your character, this should very likely comprise your main action.

Forward Planning

If, at the point you write your turnsheet, you have specific things you are intending to try during the next session, especially if they concern non-public parts of the Motel or trips elsewhere, please could you include a quick summary of these in your turnsheet. This will allow the GM team to discuss them ahead of session. It is not mandatory to notify the GMs of your plans ahead of time, as we know plans evolve and change, but it will help us to give you the best experience!

Communication During Downtime

We are running an in-character email system for this game. Your email address will consist of your character name followed by a unique 4-digit code - e.g. If you want to communicate with other players, you must first trade your 4-digit codes, representing you giving the other character your in-character contact details. Unless some effort is put into it in the game, there are no mailing lists for communicating with multiple other PCs.

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