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Radio Transcript - Dark Future of March 11th

We have been abandoned. There is nothing left to do, nothing we can do. The world is coming to an end. Last night I had a dream. In it a man stood, the only thing visible in the infinite blackness, and he spoke to me. Things I cannot repeat. And as he spoke his skin rotted and sloughed off. His lips rotted, but he still spoke, his jaw fell off and his tongue shrivelled, but he still spoke. Bugs and maggots erupted from his eyes, from his exposed organs, and still he spoke those horrifying words. On it went, until eventually he was nothing but a vile swarming mass that slowly melted to the floor. Listeners, this is Lemuel Huppe here at Desert Waves. We will be broadcasting, or at least trying to, until the end. We knew it was a possibility, our town prepared for this eventuality. We will carry on for as long as possible and then retreat to the caves with as much as we can take with us. I have my go bag under the mixing desk in case I can’t make it home to the truck first. Today my plan is to keep your spirits up as much as possible with songs from my pre-created apocalypse playlist.

But before we have any music I just want to talk a bit about why we’re all so worried about our imminent doom all of a sudden. Let me round up everything that’s been happening in the world recently. We are all aware by now of the presence of the Red Man, first in Europe and now here in the USA. His ability to worm his way into people’s minds has meant he has been able to spread his message of destruction with little opposition. Then there is that strange illness spreading through the world, manifesting in strange and terrifying ways. People suddenly dropping into comas, having hallucinations, waking up with amnesia claiming their body is not their own. To top that off the threat of nuclear war has never been higher. Any second could be the moment the bombs drop, and it’s likely that millions of people will die. Well listeners I won’t say goodbye yet. Let’s have some music to take our minds off things.

Music break Heroes; Spirit in the Sky/Cut to emergency nuclear strike message.

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