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Welcome to the Four Aces Motel


Two weeks ago, you woke up in a dusty motel room. Your things were on a sideboard, along with travel tickets to wherever you were when you went to sleep. When you left the room you saw the doors to the other room opening, but the strangers leaving them had no more idea than you what you were doing here. A few hours later a bus arrived and you made your way home, with more questions than answers, but over the next few weeks you put it out of mind.

This morning, it happened again.

Reunion is a freeform LARP put on by the Oxford University Role-Playing Game Society running fortnightly in Michaelmas/Hillary term 2015/16.

We're not accepting player submissions yet, but you're welcome to have a look through character creation and the pages detailing the motel.

If you'd like to get in touch, email us at

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