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James Heavans - Will



They call him the Fixer, those in the know, those who swap stories about the Casino in the desert. A name with connotations - mostly positive, but always spoken with an underlying layer of menace. The thing about a mysterious, ephemeral casino in the middle of the desert, only accessible once a year, is that it attracts a certain type of person. The curious. Irrepressibly so. Problem solvers. Trouble shooters. Trouble seekers. If you’ve solved the great mystery of the Casino and found it, you might have the urge to push a bit further. What powers it? How do the flashing machines work? What’s in the basement? And what happens if you try to cheat.

With these attitudes unleashed, things…things get broken, sometimes. Security measures need to be upgraded, enhanced. And very occasionally, someone needs to be very politely asked to leave. And if they don’t leave politely, they need to be removed. Not fatally of course. They’ll just wake up in the desert with a very long walk home. Supplies are, of course, provided.

Sometimes problems need to be solved. The Fixer is there to solve them.

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