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Lucy Mcdonald - Stephanie E


Two weeks ago Lucy appeared uneasy and closed off, barely interacting enough to give her name and jumping on the bus out of there as soon as it arrived. Of course once back in civilization it becomes a lot easier to place her as Lucy McDonald, famous horror film director who has recently taken the world by storm. A quick google will bring up hundreds of results about her, but the most prominent is the following Empire Magazine article:

“Seemingly coming from nowhere, McDonald's now ten year long career is certainly impressive. Not least of all because it started when she was just 19. Her outstanding film adaptation of the popular netflix original series Hemlock Grove, noted for its subversive reinterpretation to the relationship between Roman and Peter, not only cemented McDonald’s place as one of the most iconic directors of our generation, but also springboarded the career of previously unknown Actor, Demetri Anders.”

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