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Samuel Colton - Dan A


Samuel Colton is a biological physicist - you may have seen him on tv! He is calm and down-to-earth, always confident that there are simply explanations for anything which is going on.


Extract from ‘History of the Body Swap’ written by Abioye Obasi published 2134
…The early adoption of the new soul technology was fraught with difficulties and the potential for it to collapse messily was never far away in the early days. Exploitation was always just a heartbeat away as well with large companies looking to monopolise the new technologies and lock away their secrets and monetise it as swiftly as possible. These efforts were thwarted by an unlikely source in the legacy of Dr. Samuel Colton. Despite his death just as the technology began to emerge, it was revealed that he had left in place a series of safeguards and measures to keep open access to the technology. This allowed oversight to remain in the hands of a few notable others, including Ashley Phillips who was a close associate of his and fought to keep use of the technology from being exploited. Indeed, many credit the actions of Dr. Colton as being key to ushering in the new technological age as swiftly and and painlessly as it was…

The woman reaches out with one hand and, with a deep breath, touches the statue in front of her. She doesn’t know quite why she’s here - woken up in a room of the Casino, dragged from her life and thrown into this new and terrifying situation. This is the second time she’s been here and it’s all still too strange and disorientating. She doesn’t want to be here but here she is anyway, facing down an all too realistic looking statue and reaching out to touch it as if something was going to happen beyond the cool touch of marble… There is a flash in her vision and she is standing in a large room, all shining chrome and smooth curves. Electric blue sparks fly overhead - everything about this place screams *future* to her but there’s a familiarity to it that she can’t quite place. For some reason it reminds her of Sophie back at the Casino… There are others around her, five figures moving about, searching for the something together. At last they find it - a towering construct and achievement of technology. She recognises it from her university studies - an early version of the fusion energy generator from the early 21st century - fairly crude by modern standards but workable. It’s clear from the reactions of those around her however, that this something they have never seen before, nor even imagined possible. There is a feeling of awe and wonder about the generator, of being at the cusp of something greater, a tipping point for the future and a way to change everything for the better.

She draws her hand back with a gasp. There are tears in her eyes although she’s not sure why. Unbridled hope and potential linger from her vision, a feeling that not only is everything possible but that anything is possible for her. She turns back to the Casino with new energy - she will usher in a better future just like they did. It *is* possible, because they have shown her the way.

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