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Motel News Digest - 11th March 2016

During the session the Desert Waves Radio Station put out the following broadcast:

Quantum Brain Waves rock the boat of neuroscience

The field of psychology and neurophysiology has been the focus of attentions recently since the announcements by Dr. Saumuel Colton of the phenomenon of ‘Quantum Brain Wave effects’. A series of recent publications has galvanised the field into action as Dr. Colton has demonstrated the many and varied applications of the new technology both in academia and industry. The world's eyes have also been focused on the ongoing intellectual property conflict between Dr. Colton and Tabular Rasa Industries. The seriousness with which the company has pursued the rights to the technology suggests that imminent application of Quantum Brain Wave effects is a serious possibility. It is thought that an out of court settlement has resulted in a victory for Dr. Colton with his published results and patents remaining within the public domain.

Russian Train Timetables

EuroNews Analysis Programme

[Shots of a three way handshake between senior US, Russian and Iranian diplomats which then cut to a studio with three be-suited talking heads]

Host: So, Dr LeFarge, you believe that the new agreement represents a genuine detente in the current crisis?”

LeFarge: Certainly. There is no question that finally, after months of rising tensions and months of increased diplomatic efforts it is like the floodgates have finally given way on the second front and everything is starting to go right finally.

Angouilleme: For once Dr LeFarge and I are in full agreement - there is no doubt that there is a long way to go, but the route being taken is definitively away from, rather than towards conflict. If I may take this time to suggest that it represents a definitive proof of my “Petit Poids” theory of International Relations - in essence that it is the slow accretion of effort, of discussion and talk which ultimately result in agreements, and that Dr LeFarge’s overblown theory of so-called ‘Crisis Actors’ who act as pivot-point agents of change is simply so much nonsense.

LeFarge: [With a knowing smile playing about her lips] Doubtless you are quite correct Dr Angouilleme.

Meetings at the speed of thought

A new leap in communication technology is being pioneered by a new startup company headed by the charismatic Indigo Vista. Using cutting edge research related to brain impulse technology, Vista is promising a new era of communications where true ‘mind to mind’ meetings are possible. Using a network connected application, the new technology would allow a true ‘melding of minds’. Trials of the new technology are slated for the next six months across the Eastern Seaboard of the USA with the potential to expand further should the trial prove successful. Pundits are placing bets however on Indigo’s new technology really taking off and investment into her new company has seen its profile rise stratospherically.

Rumours of the truth

From a chatroom log Catz_2002 says You heard about the new project?
Snekboi says Only rumours, nothing concrete
XXsusieXX says I’ve heard it might be a biography
Skeptik_99 says It’s just promo for all that ‘world puzzle’ shit from a month back
Catz_2002 says It’s more than that, it’s the truth.
Skeptik_99 says Shut up
Catz_2002 says Given to us full for the first time.
XXsusieXX says Get out of here
Snekboi says No really, he’s right. All that weird shit that’s happened over the past six months? All that stuff in Brussels and France and the stuff in Baltimore? It’s all in there.
Skeptik_99 says How do you know?
Snekboi says Haven’t you looked at the stuff they’re putting out? It’s all in the clues, you just need to pay attention.
XXsusieXX says What’s it called?
Catz_2002 says Exegesis

Reborn, Reforged, Devourer

Recorded words of a bedraggled woman wearing a sandwich board proclaiming The Faceless Man Walks in Philidelphia

“They said he was dead. Said he was dead. Saw him die they said. But he didn’t. No, no he didn’t. Not dead, not alive no neither I heard. But the birds, the birds know the truth and that is why they don’t breathe no more. Birds they don’t breathe cos they give all their song to him; to the Re-Born.

The Faceless Man, he told me, he told me this, and I listened and he spoke and I heard. His message was written on the billboards, and in the wind, but most of all it was in his heart. The Prophet of the Doom of the Red Man - the Lux-Twin and World-Shaper, the Crisis-Born, the Barrel-Rider and God-Eater - he returns and returns and returns!”

Up and down the Eastern United States the cult of the Sacristy of the Scarlet World begin to tell tales of the death and re-birth of Prophet, Anders Iverson, and of the signs which anticipated his coming - that birds would fall dead from the sky, that his prophet the Faceless Man would walk abroad, and that he would walk barefoot to the place where his Cathedral was built. All these, they claim, have come to pass. A new fervour has overtaken the cult, a zealotry which has rarely been surpassed in the US.

Let there be Lux

From The Private Eye’s “Pseud’s Corner” on the newly published biography of Lux Jones

“an excoriation of neo-capitalist paradigms from within a Zizekian tradition of autonomous questioning, underlined by the magical realism of a young woman transformed and transforming. By turns postmodern, post-realist and post-real, whilst at the same time completely devoted to a true narrative of falsehood.

If you buy one book this year, make it The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge (winner of the Costa Book Award) - but if you pirate one book this year (in keeping with the core thesis of the work), then make it The Biography of Lux Jones (well ‘biography’).”

The Last Movie

The movie world was shocked recently by the premature retirement of horror movie aficionado Lucy McDonald in the wake of the death of Dimitiri Anders. The director cited the death of her star actor as one of the reasons for her retreating from the limelight but with the murder unsolved and the numerous disappearing acts the two seem to delight in pulling fans are left wondering is this really the end.

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