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Lucy+Amy Memes

Lucy+Castor Memes

What it feels like to play...

Castor Sutherland

Lucy McDonald

Clark Pinion

Things that we could have called Earth '69 that would have been less hideously awkward for everyone

  • “That Earth over there”
  • “The other one”
  • “The one we don't really like very much”
  • “The friendly neighbourhood fascist dictatorship”
  • “The Shadowlands”
  • “That place we may or may not have destroyed”
  • “The world where no one knows how to securely lock a door”
  • “Earth” (NB: the Agency needs to review and potentially revoke Agent Harris' wiki-editing privileges)


Here after follows a list of Songs on the GM CD. If you would like to add any songs to the list, please do!
Title - Artist - Player - Comment

The CD

  1. Hokey Cokey - Black Lace - A group of us - The Manger
  2. Bad Blood - Taylor Swift - Amy G - Lucy and Amy's relationship
  3. Handlebars - Flobots - Leigh J
  4. Confrontation - Les Mis - Jabberwocky - Anders and Castor have a little disagreement
  5. Not the girl you think you are - Crowded House - Elynor K
  6. Today We Raise - Galavant - Jabberwocky - Theme song for Anders' failed crusade
  7. Time to Burn - The Rasmus - Jenny W
  8. Still Haven't Found what I'm looking for - U2 - James B
  9. Ace of Spades - Motorhead - Leigh J - The final reunion
  10. Immortals - Fallout boy - Chris V
  11. The Day the World Died - Metro Last Night Song - Graeme S - World 69
  12. Us - Regina Spector - James B
  13. The Riddle - The Scarlet Pimpernel - Steph E -Lucy/Demitri/Frodo or Lucy/Castor/Amy or I'm sure many other sets of people in the game.
  14. Paradise - Coldplay - Amy G - Amy's song
  15. Just like a Pill - P!nk - Jenny W - Lucy’s song
  16. ET - Katy Perry - J H
  17. Jonny Sniper - Enter Shikari - Rob
  18. The World is Not Enough - Garbage - Elynor K
  19. Parallel Worlds - Elliot Minor - Chris V
  20. Hotel California - Oleg Berg/Eagles - Steph E - Slightly upsetting and yet perfect, kinda like this game

Honorable Mentions AKA - Steph couldn't fit everything onto the CD and couldn't reach everyone

  • Both Worlds - Hannah Montana - Chris V
  • Yesterday - The Beatles - Steph
  • Who Wants to Live Forever - Queen - Chris V
  • Fired - Ben Folds - Steph
  • Storyville Station - The New Albion Radio Hour - Jabberwocky - Anders has fun telling stories.
  • Poisoning Pigeons in the Park - Tom Lehrer - Jabberwocky - Anders gains a new power; birds gain a new enemy.
  • Fitter, Happier - Radiohead - David F- Clark Pinion's jam
  • A ballad of Fiedler and Mundt - Disparition - David F - Desert Waves

The Transcript

Music Break Hokey Cokey - Black Lace

Muffled clattering, door slam, silence.

Err…. Hi….Hello. Is this thing on? The red light is on so I’m guessing yes, it is, and now I’m just broadcasting my blathering idiocy to the infinite cosmos… Breathe Eveline, breathe. Which button plays the music…


…Oooookay Not that one, maybe it’s thi–

Music Break Bad Blood - Taylor Swift, Handlebars - Flobots

Okay. Hi. We’re back. I mean. I’m back. It’s just me today. I know what you’re thinking. Where is the charismatic radio personality we all know and love? Well, he’s sick today. At least I think he’s sick… But on the plus side, it’s more than likely curable! So if we’re lucky, he may be back. And he’s left a few of his notes around, so we won’t be missing him, not exactly. Listen, this is the intro he had planned… “Welcome listeners. The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and the radio is almost definitely on.” ….. Right. That’s definitely… With that, let’s try some more music.

Music Break Confrontation - Les Mis

Huh. I’m almost getting the hang of this! I suppose you wanna know who I am, though. I’m the intern. Eveline. The one that usually mostly serves coffee. I didn’t know I’d have to be doing the show today. Lemuel didn’t warn me. I didn’t even know he was off sick until I got here. He must have been taken ill pretty quickly though, the studio door was unlocked and I found a bunch of notes letting me know what to do…



I’m sure he’s fine.

Music… yeah…

Music Break Not the Girl You Think You Are - Crowded House, Today We Rise - Galavant

Remember Sophie… Huh. Wonder what that means….

Why’s it so quiet?

Oh Shi–

Music Break Time to Burn - The Rasmus, Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For - U2

Come on Lemuel… pick up…

In the break, we had a call from a ‘Cecil’ who asked why don’t we call Lemuel and ask if he needs anything and pass along the well-wishes of the listeners. Great idea Cecil! But when we tried calling him, he didn’t pick up. Maybe he’s asleep. Maybe he doesn’t want to talk on his day off. Either way, I’m glad people think I’m still worth listening to. Thanks!

We’ll keep trying Lemuel…

Music Break Ace of Spades - Motorhead, Immortals - Fallout Boy

So I found a letter in amongst the notes. From Castor. I know Lemuel likes to read out these kinds of things and there were big arrows around it… I’m not as good as the man himself but here it goes.

Clearing of throat. More clearing of throat.

Listeners, understand this. Art is a mode of worship conducted by those of fragile egos, towards an uncaring and largely undeserving world. Inspiration ebbs and flows with the artist’s own–


What was that?

Music Break The Day the World Died - Metro Last Night Song, Us - Regina Spektor

Listeners, understand this. Art is a mode of worship conducted by those of fragile egos, towards an uncaring and largely undeserving world. Inspiration ebbs and flows with the artist’s own mood: a miserable and self-deprecating artist produces masterpieces, symphonies, excellent romance novels… works begging their audience not only for acknowledgement, but for pity. In contrast, a well-adjusted, peaceful artist can offer our culture no more than a half-hearted proclamation of their self-satisfaction. Awkwardly, I incline toward the latter state - in spite of my burgeoning mortality. Apologies. I shall in the future endeavour to be miserable.

Thanks Castor… I think

Music Break The Riddle - The Scarlet Pimpernel, Paradise - Coldplay

I promise during that break I did not spill coffee on some of the equipment. And my hands aren’t a little burnt. Ouch. I wonder if there’s a first aid kit somewhere.

<rustling noise>

Aha! Ahem.

I’m learning, I promise. For instance, I now know which lights on the control panel are water resistant. Useful. I feel like if Lemuel were here, he’d make a good observation about how life is a learning experience or something. I’m not as good with stuff like that. I wonder if he’s listening at home?

Music Break Just Like a Pill - P!nk, E.T - Katy Perry

I found Lemuel’s bag in the side-office. Along with his coat. But I didn’t find Lemuel. Either he was really sick, really forgetful or something else. I forget a lot of things, like turning the studio lights out when I go home, that sort of stuff. Not things like my bag and coat though. Those seem sort of important. When we reunite, I’ll give it back to him. Or maybe drop it off at his house. Though thinking about it, I’m not quite sure where he lives.

No matter. If he comes back - I mean when. When he comes back. Which will be soon. Obviously.

Music Break Johnny Sniper - Enter Shakari

You know listeners, some pretty strange stuff happen around here… we’ve got the cats, the wired new year thing…. the dog park… but I’m beginning to think Lemuel isn’t sick. I can’t put my finger on it, but it feels more like he just… disappeared. It’s feeling like everyone’s disappearing. Perhaps I’ll find something more in his notes, in the meantime, here’s some more music.

Music Break The World is Not Enough - Garbage, Parallel Worlds - Elliot Minor

‘I’m sad to say this may be our last show.’

I was right, I found this in his notes. Sorry, I’ll carry on.

‘I’m sad to say this may be our last show. But the sun still sets in the evening, and the world still spins, by an unseen hand or not, so how bad can things really be? And we’re determined to go out with a bang, not a whimper. It was you that made this possible, that made it possible for me to be here. It was you that allowed so many to seek paths both wonderful and wild. And if you ever miss us, you can come back to this moment, and remind yourselves of simpler days. Days of fallen Gods, cards and Red Men. Days of poetry, dust and chemical reactors. Days of adventure and death. Thank you and goodbye from Desert Waves.’

Music Break Hotel California - Eagles/Oleg Berg

Written by Amy G and Steph E, with input from James B

Exegesis - Castor's notebook, and his novel

The notebook. Sorry it's so blurry. I have very shaky hands! Of special note: blatant misinformation (oops), Anne's notes and additions, a page on Earth '69 rewritten to be far more neutral/polite than the original (because Cas got embarrassed when he realised Anne was reading), and the defaced cover. (Traitor, really? I blame Anders!)

The first few 1000 or so words of the novel. This was all I had time to write before session - and it was, for the most part, written about an hour before session.

The Pinion Aesthetic

Worldweb Banned Topics List (extended)

  • Will & Lyra
  • Alternative world naming schemes
  • (Feel free to expand)
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