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Oct 14 2015

The below news items were all found in the Four Aces Motel Newsletter and you can always find a copy going spare in the diner if you like.

During the session the Desert Waves radio station put out the following show.

Poetry Please

The Colorado School of Mines, in conjunction with the Kenyatta University of Kenya, present the Second Annual Symposium on the Destruction, Dissonance and Distortion of Experimental Poetry, starting October 15th and continuing on till October 19th. Guest Speakers include:

  • Professor Kaybourne Smith, Lecturer in Deep Geology, University of Conneticut
  • Dr Julius B Bauxite, Fellow in Latent English, Free University of Brussels
  • Anita Svensdottir, Interested Party and Amateur ‘Poetologist’, No Fixed Address.

Dr W.H.O.

A recent report from the World Health Organisation suggests that humanity is ill prepared to deal with a large scale contagious outbreak. While it noted that some individual governments have measures in place to deal with localised events, the emergence of any more virulent disease was likely to place an untenable strain on any infrastructure currently in place and that border controls were inadequate in a pandemic situation.

Lost: One Dog

LOST: ONE DOG. Last seen in Michigan. Answers to the name ‘Sweep’. If found, please call +333 4311 009. Reward offered.

The New IT

Do you have top-notch technical skills? Are you ready to work in the Cloud? Do you work hard - and play hard? Are you familiar with a wide variety of programming languages? Are you ready to join the market leader in the technology world? Are your interpersonal skills second to none? Are you familiar with full stack deployments and current developments in database technologies? Are you ready to join an elite team of software warriors? Are your interpersonal skills second to none? Are you looking for a challenging environment in which to grow your career? Are you ready to work in the Cloud? Do you work hard - and play hard? Are you ready to redefine what an IT job should be? Are you looking for competitive benefits in a cool corporate climate? Are you up to the task? Are you ready?

Totally Wired about the Anniversary

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the laying of the second transatlantic telegraph cable between Foilhommerum Bay, Ireland and Hearts Content, Newfoundland. To commemorate the event, the ship ‘The Mallard’ will be following the journey ‘The Caroline’ made in laying the cable originally. This year also marks the 60th anniversary of the laying of the first transatlantic telephone cable. It is thought that the President of Ireland and the Prime Minister of Canada will mark the event with a commemorative phone call.

Putin the Boot-in

Presenter: “And in lighter news now Doug, it looks like CNN have finally apologised for their rather embarrassing gaffe earlier this week when, during an interview with Vladimir Putin, the Soviet Premier, shit, uh the Russian President, was introduced as ‘General Secretary of the USSR’. Cassie Newman, Vice-President of Imagination, went on to say that the error occurred as the result of a computer glitch and that it would not happen again.

Over to Benedict now for the weather.”

Nightshade Glade Hunk Finishes Shooting

Legions of fangirls (and boys) are eagerly awaiting news of what project heartthrob Demetri Anders is working on next, after his agent confirmed that shooting had wrapped up on Dark Hearts. Fingers crossed he returns to the spooky romance we love him for!

Lost: One Person

On the third anniversary of her husband’s disappearance, Claire speaks to our correspondent about how she still hasn’t given up hope. “He was such a normal, kind, loving guy”, she said. “Never took a day off sick, always made time for me and the kids, and always had a funny story to tell from work.” Ben Raines, Mr. Picker’s former colleague at the Turbo Computer Warehouse, agreed: “You always knew where you stood with James - he put the same dedication into the smallest AV installation to the largest tower rebuild, and he always gave service with a smile. Nothing seemed that out of the ordinary on the day he went missing, said he was going to the clinic for a routine checkup, and that was the last we saw of him.”

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