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February 2nd

During the session, the Desert Waves radio station put out the following radio show (transcript):


Encrypted IM Conversation
Frollo4King: Dude did you hear about the outage on I spoke to their Admin, Maleficent, and they said that the last 3 days of content had gone. Said you had written an article about something big about ISPs, the government and the illuminati.

ScarHeart: yo fo sho i heard bout the outtage. i’m in hiding. gone deep dark - mega-sega that u found me even. u always was super-good. gonna have to hide more after this.

lissen i found The Truth. not the truth right The Truth. check out Atlantis data centre. it doesn’t exist but it does. it cant be located where it is but it is. it cant own all the shell companies, corps, isps and even freakin janitorial comps. it cant. but it does.

something is rotten in denmark right. cept in this case denmark is at the bottom of the atlantic. i have the files. im being tracked so im gonna have to blow the snowden-path and just put it all up on filesharing.

Frollo4King: Huh, that’s weird

[Mr Giant is ending this chat]

Cave(eat) Empty(or)

From the CNN News at Nine

In other news, Governor Whittaker has roundly castigated the Virginian National Guard units which had set up in place to stop the mass exodus of the Baltimorites from proceeding any further in their apparent spontaneous migration. Calling the senior commanders ‘incompetent’, she asked how a force of 3000 soldiers could possibly lose the thousands upon thousands of people walking ‘down a straight road’.

Meanwhile local geologist, Dr Amanda Smith, has denied eye-witness reports that the Baltimorites all walked into the Flintrock Caves in Virginia, stating “Nope, not possible. You couldn’t fit a hundred people into those caves and even if there were some extended passage which I had missed in my 15 years of studying them - there is only so far they could go. These caves are in an ancient rocky hill - we are surrounded for hundreds of miles by soft loam otherwise.”

Cosmo Exclusive Interview

Excerpt from the shocking new Cosmo interview with Katy Perry held only hours before she apparently liquidated $300 000 into cash and disappeared from her home.

“You have to understand, these new Red Man Cults are dangerous. I mean first there is Brussels, then Atlanta, and now suddenly the word is that Brad and Angelina are saying that the Red Man is, like, the worst? Where the hell is that from. These people are being used!

When you look into it Kirsty, I mean really look into it, you start connecting the Sememetic Devices to the NimboStratus Chip program, to the Kabbalistic Truth-Table theory alongside the facts and figures and everything just becomes crystal clear. Like boom, suddenly I [censored] see.

Let me be clear in this: Lux, Anders - you have been working for an evil from beyond time and space and you tried to mind-control me. I am going to find where you live, and I am coming for you.”

Hot New Biography

“The Red Man cometh, but have you ever wondered why? And how? Soon all your questions will be answered. All your curiosities will be satiated. Three times be told - Lux Jones: The Official Biography is coming.”

Press Release

We at the Authority only want what's best for our customers and society. We understand that concerns have been raised at local and national levels about the advanced biometric monitoring elements of our various healthcare programs, and we and our subsidiaries (including NimboStratus Informatics, our key data processing partner) are cooperating fully with relevant authorities as we work through concerns that have been raised. We would like to stress that we believe that a significant proportion of the allegations raised are unfounded and based on rumours and untruths circulated by a small number of disgruntled former employees. We can re-assure anyone who has installed a RightOn! monitoring chip that there are no safety concerns with any of the batches that have been distributed to date, and that processing of your health data will resume shortly.

We will issue further statements as information becomes available to us. If you have any questions about specific allegations, please submit them via the attached form, ideally including a screenshot of any articles or comments on online media in which the concern was raised. This will allow us to process your concern with the greatest possible efficiency.

There is another way…

Excerpt from The Washington Post

So says the lifestyle guru Cid Tamar currently visiting the United States. Mr Tamar (43) is well known in his native India as a lifestyle counselor and advisor to not only known for his association with the rich and famous of the subcontinent (Bollywood stars Anil Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Prachi Desai) but with his daytime television chat show and his regular newspaper column, he is read and watched by millions. He has recently taken a detour from his planned book signing tour around Asia to fly to New York to speak to people who he says are suffering ‘a cataclysmic crisis of self in the face of the those who would change them’. He will travel to New Orleans, Baltimore, Nabraska and Florida before returning to Delhi.

Peace in our time?

From the bulletin of the atomic scientists
The doomsday clock has been moved back to 3 minutes and 30 seconds from midnight after a temporary truce was declared by Tehan to allow an invited delegation from the Russian Federation to attend a diplomatic meeting in the Iranian capital.

From the BBC website
America has praised Iran and Russia today for accepting their terms for the signing of a new nuclear agreement that Washington says will lower the nuclear threat of the middle east and stabilise relations with neighbouring Iraq, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. There is currently no comment from Moscow of Tehran.

From the Moscow Times
Russian diplomats today have secured a temporary cessation of hostilities in Iran. The alliance between Turkey, Russia, Armenia and Oman has allowed the Russian President to put pressure on Iran to call for a two week truce during which aid workers will be allowed access and diplomatic channels can be explored.

Newsthump website - comments section
…”No way is this legit. No one seems to know what’s going on, who started it or who is trying to stop it. Everyone wants to claim credit for the warmongering stopping but no one really knows why it’s stopped. No one knows who made the first call. There ain’t no ‘nuclear agreement’, there ain’t no ‘peace treaty’… What the hell is going on?

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