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Motel News Digest - January 20th

During the session the Desert Waves station put out the following broadcast (transcript here):

Financial Times listings: Fortune 5000 prospects

…Lichttechnik has invested in a beleaguered Lyon energy company that has so far failed to provide the new ‘ultimate renewable energy’ it had promised. Lichttechnik say that it has confidence in the abilities of the energy company and that the serious setbacks it suffered are unlikely to happen again. It’s not clear whether the investment will be sufficient to pull the energy company out of the black but a rise in the share price reflects the investment made by Lichttecknik so far.

Geological Report:

Geological surveys report a collapse of cave systems in Utah national park which has led to a closing of the site and the establishment of a geological survey to assess the current stability of the cave systems before caving is allowed again. Initial reports indicate that no seismic activity was detected at the time of the cave in however a temperature spike was recorded. Officials say that no one was present in the caves when they collapsed. This comes hot on the heels of a similar collapse of a cave system at Uluru. This is thought to have led to the loss of several significant sites of Aboriginal cave paintings. The UNESCO World Heritage site has commissioned an investigation and report into what might have caused the damage and whether any restorative action should be taken. Reports of related volcanic activity in remote parts of Tanzania, Namibia and Peru have so far not been corroborated by reviews of regional seismographic data, but video footage from the Andes mountain range does appear to show great gouts of fire rising into the sky, before dispersing. Volcanologists remain baffled.

Personal Adds:

Jilted Valentine seeks person who stole her heart during a getaway in Austria. I’d kill to see you again - call me.

The next scientology?

Is this the new craze sweeping the nation? Gossip from all across America has been talking about a new lifestyle choice adopted by the rich and famous from New York to Los Angeles. Adherents to the new ‘Red’ movement have spoken out about the life changing influence of the group and how it has brought them a perspective on their place in the universe and purpose to their lives - although details of exactly what life changing information is offered is scant at best. While some brand it a cult, others say that it is a harmless fad but what we can all agree on is this: The Red Man Cometh!

Atlanta chaos

Separatists are suspected in an attack on a number of buildings in downtown Atlanta in which 4 people died, dozens were injured and millions of dollars of property damage was sustained. A number of devices were thought to have been planted close to a meeting of the new Red movement which all detonated within the space of about ten minutes without warning. Eyewitnesses say that they heard a dull growling just prior to the explosions. Fire services from across state were called in as it was thought that one of the explosions might have hit a gas main however they are still hunting for the site of the fire, while ash is still falling up to a three mile radius from the point of the suspected detonation. Current wind patterns indicate that if the fire is not contained then the ash is likely to spread across the whole of the central Atlanta region. So far no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Dimitri Anders dead

Dimitiri Anders has died after being shot by an unknown assailant on the set of his latest film. It is not known exactly what happened but it is thought that the shooter had managed to sneak onto the set and had been waiting for Dimitri to pass by their location where it is thought they had hidden themselves. A number of extras sustained injuries in the incident but the film’s director, Lucy McDonald, was unhurt despite being present at the time. It is thought she was with the star in the moments before he died but has been unavailable for comment.

Election Roundup:

…Party presidential primaries, all candidates were asked the question ‘do you believe that the red man cometh’. All candidates replied ‘yes’ with one exception who added that they didn’t think enough was being done to make it happen.

Brussels rebuilt

Normality is beginning to return to Brussels after weeks of mass hysteria thought to have been induced by clouds of ash that descended from the city. The source of the ash is currently unclear but theories range from excessive use of crematoria in the region to it being brought in by the jet stream from Indonesia. The cleanup operation is underway and MSF have been called in to help deal with the humanitarian crisis that has arisen after hundreds were found dead by unknown causes around the Atomium building while thousands more are suffering from psychological trauma as an after effect of the Ash. Several report feeling as if they were possessed by some unknown force, moved by motivations that were not their own and committing acts that they would never normally consider. The WHO are currently not treating those affected as infected with a contagious pathogen and it is hoped that restoring the normal routine of the city will aid in the treatment of the people.

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