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November 11th 2015

The below news items were all found in the Four Aces Motel Newsletter and you can always find a copy going spare in the diner if you like.

During the session the Desert Waves radio station put out the following broadcast.

Shocking Iran/US Secret Ties Revealed

BBC Online Breaking News

A series of documents recently uploaded to Wikileaks, and several similar sites appear to provide nearly incontrovertible evidence of an extended, long-term and highly secret set of agreements held between the United States and Iran. Security experts from around the world are reviewing the details of the documents, but so far the majority are agreeing that the evidence-base is solid

As news has begun to break, spokespeople from both Iran and the United States have released statements denying the truth of these claims, but as the weight of evidence continues to mount both sides have broken off all press contact, with the President's chief of communications declaring “We are reviewing the situation in detail and will release a prepared statement in the coming hours.”

The Soviet Union, meanwhile has issued a statement decrying the implementation of secret treaties as highly damaging to international relations and trust. A special Ambassador is being sent to Tehran from Moscow to review the details of the recent treaty agreements signed with Iran, whilst the Iranian and US Ambassadors to the USSR have been summoned to the Kremlin to account for their Governments' actions.

Correction The Russian Federation, meanwhile has issued a statement decrying the implementation of secret treaties as highly damaging to international relations and trust. A special Ambassador is being sent to Tehran from Moscow to review the details of the recent treaty agreements signed with Iran, whilst the Iranian and US Ambassadors to Russia have been summoned to the Kremlin to account for their Governments' actions.

The Times they are a-Changin'

Google are attempting to fix a bug that has caused a glitch in the NTP servers which has resulted in the de-synchronisation of several major services. This in turn has led to significant disruption across its servers as email clients have been unable to synch and deliver mail crossing time zones and resulting in problems for many online banking clients, social media services, and news sites. It is also thought that many governmental services offered online have also been effected with the Work and Pensions departments expecting a significant backlog of delayed payments due to being unable to process requests. The NHS is also reporting problems with transferring patient records and data leading to fears of missed treatments and appointments adding to already long waiting lists.

It is thought that this may also be responsible for the dramatic events seen in both the New York and Tokyo stock exchanges that led to several billion dollars being wiped from the value of the top ten companies only to see it mostly recover within two hours. It is not known when the issue is likely to be fixed or what triggered the problem in the first place.

Big Ben Is No More!

London in mourning today after the destruction of one of its most iconic landmarks. The Elizabeth tower known informally as Big Ben suffered significant damage last week which led to its collapse a few hours after the damage was first noticed. Police were able to evacuate the area but the tower was unable to be saved, causing significant damage to parliament as it fell. The cause of the damage is still being investigated however preliminary examination of the site and security footages suggests that it was not a terrorist bombing with many theorising that some geological fault may be to blame. Whatever the cause, the iconic skyline of London has been forever changed and the future of the site and any possible rebuilding efforts remain undecided until the cause of the damage is discovered.

Terror on the French Riviera

In a new twist in the ongoing investigation into the terrorist attack on the French Riviera it emerged recently that what was previously thought to be a lone perpetrator may in fact be an organised group. Sources from within the Interpol investigation say that they now have leads on several other members of the group after their leads on the prime gunman dried up a few weeks ago. Sources within Interpol have suggested that arrests may soon be in the offing.

Fusion for All

In heartening news a successful test of the reactor conditions at the AEF has been undertaken just weeks after terrorists attacked the chief scientist and stole valuable research. The new projects leads made a statement that they were pleased that the project was ongoing but once again said their thoughts were with the victim of the attack.

This does however raise the value of the stolen research significantly and rumours talk of a blackmarket dealers already attempting to get their hands on the stolen data from the now much higher prestige project.

Anders-Fans in Vigilante Action as Demetri Anders Kidnapped

Anonymous comment against the E! News Story about Demetri Anders’ Kidnapping

i can tell u now that i have a can of deoderant and a lighter and i am going to go and find that sheriff who kidnapped Demetri. he had better bewhare ‘cos i am gonna burn him up. we all saw what he did on the tv. sooooo stupid to tase beautiful Demetri at the gala - everyone saw - everyone knows. the Anders-Fan network is already activated and we r gonna mess u up.

Antiques in Uproar!

Sotheby’s is today amongst the many auction houses increasing its security after a daring theft from an independent auction house has called into question the safety of traditional auctions. The theft of an undisclosed private collectors item has rocked the auction world as it appears the thieves were able to gain access to the building, assault auction house employees in the short time between the lot being bid upon and it being delivered to its new owner and leaving with the stolen item and vanishing into the night. The police have yet to find any concrete leads on how the thieves gained access and bypassed security so comprehensively. It has led to calls from some for a move to auctions completely supported online to enable the auction to occur without exposing the valuable items to thefts. Others have opposed this saying that the traditions of auction would be fundamentally undermined by such a move.

Baltimore Violence Continues

From NBC Today

“After last night’s riots in the Baltimore area, an upsurge in violent crime being reported in outlying suburban areas and even in neighbouring towns. Baltimore Police Chief Sasha Reynolds has suggested that the initial violence occurred as a result of an explosion at a suspected Meth lab in the downtown area, leading to rival drug gangs blaming each other for the damage.
Although the number of dead is not currently known, City Morgue officials were quoted as suggesting the numbers were in the dozens and one Police Officer described the scene of the rioting as ‘like a war-zone’.
I am just getting word that Katy Hanson is in downtown Baltimore now and we can go to her now.
Katy - what can you see?”
”Well Tanya, ‘war-zone’ is not far off. There is still smouldering wreckage and burnt-out cars and the National Guard are out in force. We can see there are a lot of obviously new graffiti markings around though we haven’t been able to get near enough to see them well. I have here Captain Isobel McKenna who is in command of the National Guard units which were called in.
Captain, do you have the violence under control now?”
”Yes Katy we do. There will be no more pointless, random violence from now on.”
”How can you be sure Captain? Do you feel that you have the troops necessary to keep the peace?”
”Peace? I think we will have silence. Katy, if I might just share something with the audience at home:

A landscape of archaeal
And bacterial species
Living under extreme
Environmental conditions

[Screen cuts out]

Age-Old Old-Age Problem Solved

News article about a new very expensive health supplement (that actually works) that will protect the 1% from the water chemical that will slowly strip your soul from you. It has proven massive benefits.

New wonder-product Vitae has passed its final rounds of FDA and EMA approval today, paving the way for sale on the open market. Hank Swanson, CEO of ProGene Pharmaceuticals, said in a public statement some hours ago that we can expect Vitae to be in the hands of clients by Friday at the latest. With proven anti-carcinogenic, anti-cholesterol and immune-system boosting properties, it is expected that Vitae could extend the average life expectancy of regular users by up to ten years. Unfortunately for most of us it comes with the eye-watering price-tag of $30 000 a year. Uptake amongst those who can afford it is expected to be near universal.

Protests by groups claiming that drugs such as these will create a two-tier system, with the richest living longer, healthier lives have been rebuffed by corporate and government officials who argue that the price point is predicted to reduce to wholly manageable levels of $10 000 a year within a decade or so.

Silver-Lining as Guard Survives Terror Attack on Nimbo-Stratus

The headquarters of Nimbo Stratus Inc. in Atlanta has been the target of a terrorist attack that has resulted in the destruction of part of their building and severe disruption to their operating systems but no apparent loss of life. The attack occurred early in the morning and while no arrests have been made, the police are currently hunting for a man around 5f 10, broad shouldered and wearing a dark jacket. One security guard, Jim Razburg (43) had a lucky escape after he was assaulted by an intruder shortly before the attack but miraculously was not hurt in the explosion - later being recovered from outside the blast zone by paramedics where he was able to give a description of his assailant. He is recovering in hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. Anyone with any information regarding the attack is asked to contact their local law enforcement agency or to phone the following incident number: 404-333-4782.

Ace of Spades Poker Tournament

The Elrancho casino is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the Ace of Spades poker tournament on Saturday 14th November on the Strip, Las Vegas. There are still spaces available for entrants interested - both amateur and professional - or come and enjoy the atmosphere and watch the games unfold.

Never forget

As part of an ongoing memorial to mark the 100 years since the start of the first world war, the Imperial War Museum will be hosting an exhibition highlighting the conflicts of 1915 including Ypres, Gallipoli and Loos with a retrospective on the development of arms over the conflict and a series of talks on the causes of WWI leading up to 1914. The exhibition opened on the 11th November and is open until Easter.

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