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March 11th

During the session the Desert Waves station put out the following broadcast (transcript here):

Sleeping Sickness Spreads

Transcript from WHO report to the UN General Assembly shortly before a category 3 event (300ft) struck the meeting in Geneva

“o-called 'Sleeping Sickness' continues to spread around the world, with the WHO so far unable to provide any account of what vectors the disease might be using to spread.

Characterised by the sudden collapse of all persons and animals, and the slow withering of plant life within a precise half-sphere of 100ft, 200ft or 300ft; it is often presaged by feelings of malaise, ennui and lethargy within the affected area. Affected persons appear to be sleeping, but are unable to be roused by any means and despite advanced medical care, the condition of many of the earliest victims from February are starting to deteriorate - mortality figures for the Sao Paolo outbreak now stand at over 60%.

Reports of anomalous behaviour from the earliest sites are now starting to be independently corroborated. The University of Hyderabad physics department have confirmed that temperature variations within a nearby category 2 event are non-transitive. Reports of a complete collapse of the laws of physics and the impending unravelling of reality within certain areas are, so far, uncorroborated.

Iran Crisis

A summary of the latest phase of the Iran Crisis from The Hindustan Times.

Feb 19th

  • Soviet convoys cross the border into Iran.

Feb 25th

  • Iranian Fourth Mechanised Division collapses around regional capital of Tabriz. Soviet ground and airborne forces occupy the city.
  • United States bases around the Indian Ocean put on high alert.

Feb 26th

  • Encounters between US and Soviet Naval Forces. Soviet Cruiser Kriov severely damaged in collision with USS Callaghan in the Gulf of Oman. Twenty two crewmen killed.
  • United Nations General Assembly adopts Resolution 38/5 calling for all parties in conflict to ceasem fighting. Resolution is vetoed by USSR.

March 2nd

  • United States paratroopers and airborne infantry from the Rapid Deployment Force deployed to sites near Isafahan in Iran.
  • Grand Ayatollah and meeting of senior Iranian government ministers killed in Soviet Airstrike. 1st Division Revolutionary Guards effectively destroyed as a fighting force. 75% of buildings in Zanjan damaged or destroyed. Tehran undefended.
  • 3 million internally displaced Iranians estimated.

March 6th

  • United States and NATO issue Ultimatum to Soviet Union calling for joint withdrawal of all United States and Soviet forces by Noon on Sunday.
  • United Nations opens top-level peace negotiations in Geneva. United States President refuses to attend. Soviet Premier refuses to attend. United Kingdom Prime Minister refuses to attend. French President refuses to attend. GDR Premier refuses to attend. Polish President refuses to attend.
  • Warsaw Pact forces placed on highest alert.
  • France VIGIPIRATE Status: Red.
  • West Germany Alert Status: Critical.
  • United Kingdom BIKINI Status: Amber.
  • United States DEFCON Status: 2.

March 7th [Redacted]

March 9th

  • Millions of vehicles take to roads, but most major powers have closed motorways, trunk roads and major interchanges to all but essential military and civilian powers.
  • Switzerland closes it borders and begins to expel all foreign nationals, saving UN employees and diplomats.
  • Major artworks removed to locations of safety across Western, Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Government seizures of essential war materials across Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

Where Have They Gone?

Thousands of people have vanished in what some are calling a massacre and what others are calling the ‘new rapture’. The growing Red movement had become far more vocal over the past two weeks, proclaiming the imminent end of the world and the necessity for suitable preparation. An armed siege in Fairfield, Alabama was only ended when state troopers stormed the building but found that the 1300 people inside ranging in age from 11 - 85 had already died. Cause of death is currently unknown but police are following up the fact that ash was found in the eyes of the deceased and their bodies were found shriveled and desiccated despite being recently dead. It is known that at least seven other Red Movement centres suffered a similar fate and it is thought that many more smaller gatherings of the Red movement may also have died. The deaths are reminiscent of the Jonestown suicides in 1978 where over 900 people died by drinking cyanide mixed with Kool Aid although with the current death toll for the Red movement standing at over 12,000 it has become one of the most devastating cult actions in American history.

Missing Fusion Reactor source of Broken Physicks

Experts are at a loss to explain as series of brownouts and blackouts spreading across Southern France. Problems began in the region of Leon in the middle of January where power stations began rapidly and unexpectedly losing electrical power generation capacity. Investigators are at a loss to explain why the generators are losing output despite equipment checks and normal fossil fuel input. One report stated that the temperature achieved by the furnaces was lower than expected for the amount of fuel being burnt although this was noted to be physically impossible. The added note also stated that other ‘natural laws’ were apparently being broken within the reactor leading to a loss of output and thus requesting that either a new survey be undertaken as it was fundamentally flawed or that the laws of physics had been redefined.

The effect however has been spreading out across the remainder of France and beyond into Switzerland and Italy with no sign of slowing down its pace. Energy rationting has been introduced with enforced blackouts and priority being given to hospitals but even then it is unclear how long energy supplies will last. The Large Hadron Collider has been forced to shut due to ‘technical difficulties’ for the forseeable future and several scientists have refused to comment on the so called ‘changes to the natural laws of the universe’ which others have noted.

With the epicentre located by the former site of an experimental nuclear fusion reactor which vanished on the 20th January 2016, any connections are being explored but any firm links are currently unconfirmed. The facility vanished on the 20th January leaving only the foundations behind. It is not known what has happened, no one has reported seeing the facility vanish nor were any sounds of demolition, removal or explosions heard, while the location of several workers at the facility is currently unknown.

Remain calm

The public are asked to remain calm during this time of crisis. For your safety and security you are asked to report to your local Authority facility for supplements to aid in your protection. This message is brought to you by Nimbo-Stratus Infragistics.

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