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October 28th 2015

The below news items were all found in the Four Aces Motel Newsletter and you can always find a copy going spare in the diner if you like.

During the session the Desert Waves radio station put out the following broadcast.

Have a Heart Gala

50 pairs of tickets will go on sale at midnight on the 30th of October for an exclusive charity gala hosted by heiress Marina Beaumont on the 1st November in New York. This annual All Saints event attracts the great and the good from around the world and raises thousands of dollars for a variety of charities spear headed by Ms Beaumont each year. It is thought that amongst the film superstars in attendance will be Robert Downey Jr, Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton and Vivian Garman. Tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis with all proceeds going to charity.

Remain Vigilant

From: Interpol General Secretariat, Lyon, France To: All National Bureaus Subject: BLUE NOTICE: TERROR SUSPECT All offices are advised to inform local police of the search for suspect wanted in connection with terrorist activity on French soil. Suspect is a Caucasian male, in his early forties, possibly American. Was last seen wearing the uniform of a sheriff and heavily armed. Please forward any information back to this office. Photo from security footage attached.

No Ordinary Day

On a billboard in Tacoma, Washington “The seasons are changing. The world is changing. We are telling you three times: everything changes on November 25th.”

In a viral marketing campaign seeded from a geocaching location in the Italian Alps “November, November - you'll always remember. A day that's 5-by-5 - just hope you're alive. Once, twice and thrice be told: The day, the month - everything new and nothing old.”

On SABC1, as seen across South Africa “Do you remember the day your life changed? Do you know the day your life will change next? We are telling you three times: remember November 25th.”

Friend Computer

Fun Computer Facts You Won't Believe - brought to you by Nimbo-Stratus Informatics Did you know that 93% of doctoral theses are produced entirely electronically? Did you know that in 2013, the software industry was worth $407 billion worldwide? Wow! Did you know that a recent study found that many teenagers would rather give up food than social media? Did you know that specialised software can predict with more than 83% accuracy how you'll finish the second half of your sentences? Did you know that, without computers, you'd be 39% more likely to die today?

Hoo-Rah for Utah

Open for booking: Guided tours of the Utah National Park including in depth caving expeditions taking in both Arches National Park and Zion National Park. This holiday is supported by the American Geological Society as part of their ongoing project to catalogue the unique structures present in Utah and share these with the appreciative public.

Missing Persons

Missing Persons: Young woman missing for two weeks, last known location Colorado. May have been kidnapped/left under duress. If found, please call 001 541-917-6885.

The Object of the Game

“Today the Delta Zappa Kai Fraternity has been banned from all University of California campuses after the spate of oddball thefts has continued unabated. Most recently all the loo-roll from the Bennington Memorial Library was stolen, as well as any book containing more than 300 instances of the letter 'z'. Earlier thefts have included every third Toy Story doll from a local 'Toys R Us', forty-two wigs from the Sunnydale/FunFunFun joke shop and the entire stock of technetium-99 from San Francisco General, used for diagnostic tests. The Senior Chapter President, Hank Zackmann, repeated his assertion that the Fraternity were only responsible for the theft of the Sigma Delta mascot (a Monitor Lizard named Liz Ard), and nothing else. An official Police Investigation is ongoing.”

"Well Oil be damned..."

“…sident Rouhani declared that the SCP Trade deal between Iran and Russia represented an historic step forward between the two states. President Putin responded by saying that he foresaw a new and lasting friendship between their two peoples. The deal, which is thought to be worth tens of billions of dollars to both economies, has been in the works for over two years now, and in an unexpected move the White House has released a statement saying that the United States was willing to extend a hand of friendship and to work with both Iran and Russia to ensure that a new period of peace and stability was truly bedded down in the region. So far neither Russia nor Iran have responded.”

Reactionary Terror

The French scientific community is in continued shock today. Dr. Noemi Savatier remains in a coma after what was thought to be a terrorist attack. Reports suggest a group of five foreigners assaulted the coastal facility with a view to causing mass damage and large loss of life. It is believed that local security forces were able to intercept them before they could enact their end goal, but they were able to escape with sensitive document pertaining to the operating capabilities of the facility. The public are warned not to engage with the suspected terrorists and to contact the police if they see anything suspicious.

Mobile Apps Go Mobile

JourneyRace: This new app tracks your journey time and predicts how you would have fared on alternate routes allowing you discover statistically which route is the best for you while combining it with a gaming element where you can bet on the outcome of various travel options open to you. Now available on both Apple and Android platforms for $1.99.

A Familiar Tale

Tonight saw the release of the trailer for Lucy McDonald’s new film: Dominos. From early signs it looks like we may have another horror-filled hit on our hands! Here’s a blow-by-blow account from our movies editor: The trailer opens with a man – Dimitri Anders - playing dominoes with a young women sitting across from him. As they place the pieces the scene cuts away to scenes of horror as blood seems to spatter the walls of a small town motel. In some of the scenes the two figures appear again talking in tense voices. As the trailer comes to an end the last domino placed is covered in blood and the camera pans up moving over the man’s blood soaked fingers up to his face, lit up with a look of maniacal glee.

Lucky 4 You

Record producer wanted for Lucky 4 records. Must have experience of echo chamber manipulation and the Pultec equalizer. Multitrack recording experience not required. Salary open to discussion.

Organ-ised Crime

Black Market Organ Ring Busted. Investigations continue today after the police raided a facility in Detroit on suspicion of black market organ trafficking. Three people have been arrested and investigations into Reed Pharmaceuticals who own the building are ongoing. The company has declined to comment on the arrests or whether they had any knowledge of the operation however stockholders are calling for a full investigation into allegations that the company was acquiring organs from 'off the record' sources. The end recipients of the organs are currently unclear but it is thought that the investigation is likely to spread to a number of local medical facilities.

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