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November 25th

During the session the Desert Waves radio station put out the following broadcast.

BBC Live Updates - The Red Man Cometh

06:34 - Welcome to the live coverage of the developing news stoThe Red Man Comethry.

06:49 - The BBC understands that the new Infor-Marketing campaign unveiled by the EU Commission using a new direct neuro-interfacing technology is having a number of unforeseen side-effects.

07:12 - [Grainy phone-camera footage of a woman in a sharp suit standing on the pavement, one foot in a muddy puddle. A second woman walks over a concerned look on her face. They lock eyes - maybe the first whispers something to the second - then the second woman joins her]

07:15 - A statement from Juliette Lamouline, Echevine of Schaerbeek region of Brussels has made a statement concerning the developing riots in her area “Three times is it true: His footfall speaks the tramp of doom; he is coming, coming soon, today’s the day - the day we’ll rue.”

07:28 - Reports are coming in from Strasbourg of panic-buying, and low-level looting, similar to what is happening in Brussels, but Strasbourg Police Chief, Anastacia Frenklen, has confirmed that no Sememetic Devices were installed in the city whatsoever.

07:35 - One: Fear the Twenty-Fifth.
Two: Fear this day.
Three: Know this. You are not safe.

08:00 - Widespread panic is being reported in Brussels, Lille, the Hague, Strasbourg. Isolated outbreaks are being reported in Bonn, Ebbesfleet and Luxembourg City. Crowds are gathering in public squares and chanting “He comes, he comes!”

08:30 - [News Footage with the London Stock Exchange in the background and a reporter speaking to camera in the foreground] “And finally Susan, the man, now identified as ‘Mr Scarlett’ has been wandering around the building since early this morning trailing ash from his suitcase - it is believed that he is the Harbinger of the Red Man, that when he finally speaks the true terror of the Red Man will finally be summoned into our world and the skies will bleed and the wind will be ash”.

08:37 - Our BBC Correspondent has reported that the largest crowds are gathering around the Atomium Building in Brussels. The crowds are calm here, unlike elsewhere. Expectant. Waiting.

08:47 - Many tens of thousands of people are in the streets across cities in Northern Europe - there is fear, panic and rioting. Many tens of thousands are staying at home, hiding from the violence. Whilst this lasts civilisation is grinding to a stop.

Moscow Ultimatum

Russia Today - Live Interview with Russian President

”General Secretary, do you have anything to say to Tehran?”
”Thank you, yes I do. Or rather, the Soviet Union does. Listen closely. You have reneged on our agreements, reached in good faith. You have shut down your pipelines and attempted to murder our diplomats. You are the running dogs of the Capitalist West.”
”Listen well. You shall commit to re-open the pipelines. You shall commit to return to the agreed upon deal - with further concessions to be set. You will concede to the presence of a security force to be stationed in Tabriz.”
”Agree to our terms, or know the full displeasure of the Soviet Union’s power.”

In a statement released three hours later the Russian Federation Premier apologises for the President’s outburst and declares that he will be taking a leave of absence after suffering extreme stress.

The US President’s Office, meanwhile, has issued a statement condemning the aggressive and warmongering attitude displayed by the USSR in relation to Iran and warning that America is ready and willing to defend its national interests.

Maryland Mayhem

Dozens of Millenniarist Cults have begun to gather in Baltimore, squatting in abandoned buildings, dealing a new strain of drugs and pamphletting across the city. Although initially the Police and National Guard were ordered to stop them, increasing levels of fraternization and even reports of shared drug-taking caused Mayor Petrelli to order a hard limit on contact with the vagrants and gang-members.

Increased violent crime, murders and assaults, are meanwhile being reported across the state of Maryland, linked with ‘cultic ephemera’. Rumours on twitter and tumblr begin to spread, recounting low, steady chanting - repeated verses. Soon posts begin to provide elements of the whole and a search term The Subharmonic Murmurs of Black Tentacular Voids.

“It is with a heavy heart that I am now declaring a State-wide state of emergency. With the increased violence in Baltimore and the defection of nearly fifty National Guardsmen to the rioters I am forced to call in the CDC and impose mandatory curfews in all urban centres.”

Just Dame it All

Society Dame Marina Beaumont and her personal assistant Emily Appleton are missing after an alleged break-in at the former’s London property. Details are currently scarce as the staff of the notoriously secretive Ms Beaumont refused to comment, but neighbours reported hearing shots fired from within the building and rumours circulate that the search for the Dames heir in under way.

Police meanwhile are urging anyone who may have been in the area last Sunday to come forward.

Private Hospital-ity

Chambéry Private Hospital - Internal Memo

“Staff are reminded that Baron Otto von Wurmbrand will be visiting the hospital at 2pm today and consequently that all work-surfaces must be tidy, all uniforms cleaned and starched and the highest professionalism maintained at all times.

It is further noted that as a peculiarity of etiquette dating back to the founding of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, individuals do not bow or curtsey in the presence of the Baron, but instead should lift their chins and bare their throats as a sign of respect. Any staff member failing to comply with this minor courtesy will be required to apologise to the Baron privately after the visit and will receive a written warning.”

Fusion Power Scheme in Balance

Analysts are raising warning over the state of the nuclear fusion plant under development at AEF. While the project is providing promising results the escalating national security conditions worldwide have placed their funding in danger. More concerning is the alleged divisions within the project, with anonymous sources claiming paranoia and fractiousness have pulled apart the research team; allegedly, some of the principal investigators have repeatedly come to blows. Some observers are speculating that this might be the end for the project that only a few months ago promised to be the jewel in European science's crown.

Chaos in Vegas

Pundits are calling odds on several casio closures across Vegas in the coming weeks after an unprecedented winning streak for many visitors putting paid to the old adage ‘house always wins’. In order to try and make up for the huge losses experienced by some casino’s, it is rumoured that they are bringing out limited edition cards with reports of ‘the four of storms’ and ‘the Jack of Lightning’ being spotted by tourists. It can but be hoped that this novelty will bring in the extra custom needed.

The Dowagers court is awaiting its mistress

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